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On Thursday, February 20th 2014, ITB SC of AAPG was very honoured being able to invite one of its outstanding alumnis, Aris Pramudito, to ITB. The President Sharing Day was held to give members motivation and knowledge about the oil and gas industry. The whole session was very fun and enlightning, filled with insights on unconventional energy and of course, perspective. Aris didn’t only share about how to think unconventionally, but also how to broaden your vision right towards the near future.



Aris giving a presentation in Hilmi Panigoro Room


Aris is an alumni of Geological Engineering Department at ITB and ITB SC AAPG’s president in 2005. After graduated from ITB, He enrolled in Pertamina EP before deciding to pursue higher education in the Colorado School of Mines, USA. Soon after he graduated with a Master’s degree, he joined BP America and has worked there ever since. Currently he is working for his Ph.D in Texas A&M University.

Shortly after the session started, Aris gave a brief introduction about his curriculum vitae and his stories in ITB. By listening to his experiences we gained valuable lessons such as to enjoy doing what you like to do, even doing things that you need to do. College is not only about academics, but organization as well. Actively participating in both of them can give you better perseverance and versatileness for the sake of your future.

The purpose of this discussion is that Aris could share his experiences, point of view, and planning for the future. Participants enthusiastically listened and didn’t hesitate to share and ask questions as well. Overall it was a constructive discussion, benefiting everyone who put their minds in it.

Dwelling in the unconventional industry has its ups and downs. In one side, the fact that oil and gas  drilling is a time-limited project, geoscientists have to keep brainstorming either to explore new fields or developing new energy producing innovations. On the other side, with advancements in technology and discoveries day by day we can catch glimpses of better economic growth and resources management stability.

The session ended with some light discussions and laughters. Such a man of interesting personality. It it a tremendous privilege for ITB SC AAPG members to learn from him. Aris didn’t only teach us how to project a vivid vision and make a good planning for the future, but also how to keep things informal. Sometimes.


Our president, Nicholas, giving a memento to Aris




Photo session together with Aris after the sharing 

This article is written by Muhammad Hanif Sulaiman (12012044)

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