The Story: AAPG Gathering Day


On Saturday 1st of March, AAPG SC ITB held a Gathering Day which took place in Pondok Paniisan, Maribaya. This event was aimed for the member of AAPG SC ITB in series of welcoming the new members of AAPG SC ITB. It was firstly planned to be a media for us to get closer, but then it turned out to be way better than expected. We had enormous fun and tons of memorable moments during the short two days.

We began the Gathering Day on Saturday evening, where the first event was an inspiring sharing from our charming guest speaker, Putri, from International Relations Universitas Padjadjaran. Putri shared about two main things: public speaking and the importance of networking.  We had a very fun session where we had to practice our public speaking skills by telling a story about our most heartbreaking moments in life for a minute. Instead of being sad to hear heartbreaking stories, this session was otherwise filled with laughter. This session was ended with a sharing about networking skills. Regardless the fun atmosphere of the session, we actually learned a lot about the importance of practicing public speaking and having a good network to overcome future challenge in our career life.

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Putri together with our President, Nicholas, after the Public Speaking 101 session

The introduction of each member was held after the dinner. In this session, we briefly explained about ourselves and also answered some questions asked. This session had led us to know each other even more. And moreover, the question and answer session also revealed some of our personal life, speaking of which, only those who attend would know. This fun session ended with a game guessing a face of an old photo of AAPG SC member. Later that night, in our free time, we shared many stories ranging from funny to horror story before we sleep.

The day after, the result of Division Placement presented briefly. Later that day, supported with extraordinary scenery, we took some photographs outside of the house. Some of guys were playing in the wide yard of the house bbefore we packed our stuff and went back home on the afternoon.

Lots of memorable moments in AAPG SC ITB Gathering Day event were believed has brought us closer to later increase our solidarity and teamwork in organizing many more events.


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The green and beautiful scenery far from the crowd of the city 


Written by: Rizky Arief Dwi (12012063)

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