Summary: A Seminar to Survive Global Talent Market


World is undergoing globalization now, everything is easy to access, no matter where you are. It’s also applied in the job market. Many job seeker targeting on top jobs and it makes a hard competitive scope. Indonesia, as a developing country, get to deal with this, even informal job sectors become limited. Indonesia is having rate of 7- 8 % unemployed per year, and Java has the highest rate. It’s getting hard for fresh graduate to get a passionate job.



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There are several factors that caused robust talent market in Indonesia especially for top wanted industries. The first is increasing level of education. Higher education graduate is absolutely seeking for top job, raising recruits standards. In the future, undergraduate will be not enough. According to The Economist Report USA, even high education in USA is struggling for top job.

The second is homecoming scholars. Many students choose to take study overseas because it have better quality, and come back to Indonesia to work. Of course, local graduate will be less desired because international graduates have many benefits, such as fluent English, open-minded, and has international perspective. The world has change, “American Dream” vanished because economy crisis. Market growing on Asia and Indonesia. Even in USA, the unemployed rate is higher than Indonesia. Overseas graduate choose to work in Multinational Corporation in their own country.

The third is competitive pay among top jobs. Companies will ensure the best talent. Technology sector occupy the highest salary rate among top companies, followed by oil and gas sector, consulting sector, and the last is FCMG sector and it is proportional to the burden job description and the level of how-to-get-the-job.

The last is new business model, that treat employee as a partner, where attraction and retention are important in nowadays business. Companies will offer entrepreneurial drive, competitive benefit, and new experience of world class carrier.

So, how to survive in this robust global talent market, as a fresh graduate? It’s good to evolve “Million Dollar Attitude in Professional World” as a high performer that could be prepared from now, it’s better late than never. The first is advanced hard skill that won’t be taught at class such as advanced MS Office. The second is presentation skill. Indonesian students have better analysis ability, but lack in presentation skill because of the education system. If we could improve it, it broadens our opportunity. “Presenting style” like M. B. Obama and Steve Jobs are preferred nowadays. The third is professional attitude, including integrity, mental strength, supportive, willing to be a good example, proper appearance, even small things like smile. The fourth is endurance, how we bear up from hard smash. Open-feedback is also preferred to build endurance.

Now we know how to survive, there are several hints on how to sell you professionally. CV is important. It’s critical to start professional resume as soon as possible so you can keep on track. The most substantial consideration of making CV are focus on your strength that comes with great confidence, make it quantitative, write with solid format and concise so misspelled words are not tolerated, and the most notable is the content. So, do more and work harder from now to reach your dream. Besides CV, interview is also important. Polite appearance, good manner, and how you prepare it decides whether you deserve the job or not.


Written by: Ratika Benita Nareswari 12012086

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