Resume: Lecture from Mr. Fatrial Bahesti (Integrated Geochemical… )


In this globalization era, many companies in the world focus on human resources development. It happens because nowadays there are still many problems that should be solved and also people can actually develop any solved-system to be better. One of the problems is about energy in the world.

Energy is one of important sectors in human life. People in the world need energy to fulfill their necessity. We can imagine how much energy released in a day, a week, even in a year. Most of the energies are supplied by conventional energy such as fossil fuel and we know that fuel is not renewable. There are some issues that the source of energy will be depleted and it will be running out. Therefore the scientist, especially geologists that expert in petroleum start to find some new energy resources; they have succeeded in discovering new sources like geothermal and the unconventional energy.

Today the invention of unconventional energy is a hot issue in geoscientist world. One of the geoscientist is Fatrial Bahesti. He’s interested on studying more about this unconventional energy, shale gas in North Sumatra, Indonesia. In the seminar he told us about basic information of the shale gas and the potential shale gas in Indonesia. Shale gas resources should be less tectonic because when there are tectonic it will have a possibility to make the shale gas resources unstable. Thermal Maturity is the key in this unconventional energy and he uses Schomoker method for basin analytic in North Sumatra, (1994).


Our President, Nicholas, giving memento to Mr. Fatrial


Photo session together after the lecture 

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