Report: Basic Seismic Interpretation and Its Application in Oil Industry Lecture


AAPG Student Chapter ITB held a lecture titled “Basic Seismic Interpretation and Its Application in Oil Industry” on Wednesday, October 1st 2014 in Hilmi Panigoro Room. The amount of participants was about 50 people who came from engineering geology and earth physics laboratory from physics major. The speaker of this lecture is Mr. Sunawar Kunaifi. Currently, he is working as Seismic Geophysicist in Halliburton Company. In all of lecture and discussion, mainly he is talking about Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP), What is VSP? And what is it using for? Let’s read this resume of the lecture.


VSP is borehole seismic operating where the seismic source is placed on the surface of the earth while the recorder (geophones) placed at the level of different depths along the borehole.


If borehole  has a vertical geometry, the location of the vibrating source is placed at a fixed position, while for oblique boreholes, the source location is not fixed, adjustable with position location in a borehole recorder. Although geophones placed along the borehole, VSP vertical resolution must be considered still in the seismic resolution, while the lateral resolution is limited by the Fresnel zone.


VSP Records is a composite of downgoing and upgoing waves of the type of compression wave (P) and / or shear waves (S) and the Stoneley wave is also associated with borehole and well fluid. Downgoing wave is a wave that is recorded by geophones without first reflected. While the upgoing wave is a wave that is reflected.


VSP data processing is divided into several stages: demultiplex, the correlation (if the source of vibration vibrator), correction of the effect of fluctuations, rotation correction tools and slanted wells, elimination of bad data, stacking, sorting component of the wave if the recorder is used multicomponent


This lecture lasted for approximately 2 hours and was closed with a question and answer session and awarding plaques from  President of AAPG SC ITB, Nicholas Aulardo to the speaker, Mr. Sunawar Kunaifi.


Written by: Trisna Suntara

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