Open Recruitment AAPG SC ITB 2015 : 2nd Assignments

 Oprec 2015 AAPG SC ITB

Congratulation for every candidate who passed the First Assignment on AAPG SC ITB Batch 2015 Open Recruitment. Please pay attention to your 2nd assignments. In this second assignments, we challenge you to make a video with following requirement.


Second Assignment

As your 2nd Assignments, each candidate should make a personal video with one of this following topic:

Conventional versus Unconventional Hydrocarbon

Renewable versus Non-Renewable Energy

Unconventional Hydrocarbon Prospect In Indonesia

  • Using English, Duration 2-4 minutes.
  • Your video must be in personal video ( A video where people talking in front of camera and explaining somethings). The video must not in text only.
  • Using following composition : maximum 30% video profile (introduction, video purpose, etc.), minimum 70% content.
  • Video should be uploaded on before Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 12.00 AM (00.00WIB) , candidates should named the video with this format :

AAPG(space)SC(space)ITB(space)Batch(space)2015(space)OpRec_Name_Video Topic

  • Send your video link to : with this E-mail Subject Format : (Full Name)_(NIM)_(Major)_AAPG Second Assignment


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