Management and Leadership in Oil and Gas Industry

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Management and Leadership in Oil and Gas IndustryThursday (2/04/2015), AAPG SC ITB held a lecture session with topic of Management and Leadership in Oil and Gas Industry. We invited Mr.Hamid Batubara as the key note speaker, which is currently as the President Commissioner of Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI). It was very interesting lecture with Mr Hamid Batubara within the topic talked about his experiences and career building in Chevron Pacific Indonesia. As you might know that he was Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CPI from 2010-2014.

In the first session, we discussed about oil and gas production in Indonesia, stated that the production are “unstable” with current tendency is decreasing not only in production but the price as well. SKK Migas as the main regulator of oil and gas industry in Indonesia stated that if we want to increase our production, we need to expand our exploration in the East Region (Papua, Sulawesi, etc). Unfortunately to do so, most of oil exploration in East region are in off-shore which is will cost a lot of money and our government just could not afford to lose that amount of money, that way many multinational oil & gas company come and took a role to explore them.

The judgement that foreign company is stealling our resource is “not true at all”. Every foreign company that want to do an exploration should sign contract called PSC (Production Sharing Contract). In this contract stated that all deficit they have during exploration is not guaranteed by the government but they will have a cost recovery when they find a new resource. While in production, Indonesian government will get more than 90% sharing of oil production and contractor will only have 10%. With this point of view, we can pretty much say that Indonesia actually gain the profit in oil and gas industry.

In the second session, we talk about building our career in oil and gas industry. From his experiences of more than twenty years working in oil and gas industry, there are three main soft skills that we should have in ourselves, if we want to work in oil and gas industry. Creativity, company needs a person who came up with new ideas because new ideas will lead to new innovation to solve the problems. Integrity, Integrity is basic-absolute soft skill that we should have. Team play, oil and gas industry is multidiscipline field approach, that we need other people helps to solve the problems.

In the third session, he told as about Enron Case. This company’s failure in 2001 represents the biggest business bankruptcy meanwhile also spotlighting corporate America’s moral failings. This case proved us that integrity and professionalism is the key important things. When we did something that we shouldn’t do, many peoples would suffer from it.

One things need to realize that “Success is not come from an easy way”. If you take a shortcut and donn’t want to enjoy the process it means you have created your own failure. In his presentation, to achieve our goals, we need a road map called a master plan. This masterplan consist of “Where we are?”, “ How to get there?”, “Where we want to be?”.


“Where we are?”, we should analyze what condition we are in and what problem we are facing. In this stage, we can collect datas as much as possible because the more data we analyze the better we understand our problems. After that we step to “Where We want to be?”, In this stage we should know what our goals is. By determine the goals, it become much easier for us to identify what we should do to achieve our goals. The hardest part is to answer “How to get there?”, In this step you should try many things to achive your goals. Planning and well execution of every plan you’ve made are the most important thing to mkae sure you can achieve your goals.


Written by Faridz Nizar AHmady (12012009)

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