Journey Report: Indonesian Petroleum Association 2014



AAPG SC ITB members in IPA 2014


On May 21st-23th, AAPG SC ITB and some universities had a chance to participate on the 38th IPA Convention and Exhibition at Jakarta Convention Centre. What is IPA actually? IPA (Indonesian Petroleum Association) is a big organization that always conducts annual exhibition and convention event for oil and gas industry in Indonesia. There are some oil and gas company joining this exhibition for several purposes, such as to promote their own company, to show the newest drilling technology and tools from their own company, and even to open job talent market.

AAPG SC ITB, UNPAK AAPG SC, TRISAKTI AAPG SC and UI AAPG SC were collaborated as delegates for AAPG ASIA PASIFIC SC booth at IPA 38th event. The delegates from AAPG SC ITB are Lika Olytia and Fariz Kustama, from AAPG SC UI are Abdillah Yoga, Ikhsan Novryan, and Putty Annisa, from UNPAK are Putry Utami and Yusuf S. Pratama, and from AAPG SC TRISAKTI are Natasya Lasut and Randa Kurniawan

In the first day, we started opening our booth at 09.00 o’clock by preparing the poster from each student chapter in Indonesia and organize the booth previously. In our booth, we used some posters, banners, and brochures to introduce people about Indonesian AAPG SC activities throughout the year and also our upcoming events. Besides that, the main activities during this exhibition was giving information about AAPG SC and sharing experience with professional geoscientist who came to our booth such as Mr. Awang Satyana.

The second day of IPA 38th, our booth had sharing session with Mr. Herman Darman from Shell Netherland, Mr. Peter Balley from Canada, Mr. John Kaldi from Australia. The sharing session was about the urges of having the right motivation and passion in order to aim the better future endeavor. It mainly discussed about how to prepare our self after graduation, whether to get work or to continue study? The lovely answer from Mr. Herman was, “Sometimes fresh graduate is better to get work first rather than to continue our study. Why? Because we could easily come up with our passion along the way, gain as much experiences while it is possible and you could eventually decide of which path you plan to step for your future advancement”.  The other speaker added, “We should not be afraid to enter the competitive atmosphere, brave your self and prepare it from now on”. This sharing session was held in about 2 hours and we have question and answer session from the audiences afterwards. This sharing session was a very eye-opening experience. We could directly learn and share with professional and credible geologists. It definitely improved our knowledge about how to prepare our future.




Lika Olytia




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