Interview session

 ITB SC AAPG Recruitment 2013

For candidates whose name is listed below :

1. Dirga David Suhendi
2. Fahmi Fathurrahman
3. Muhammad Reza Ramdhan
4. Yosika Bedik Setiawan
5. Hario Purbaseno
6. Fariz Reynantha
7. Fatah Hary Hastomo
8. Nabilah Adani
9. Bayu Caesario
10. I Komang Try Raditya
11. Iwan Setiawan
12. Nicholas Aulardo
13. Pandu Prawira
14. Patra Embara
15. Fariz Kustama
16. Trisna Suntara
17. Egi Akbar Anagio
18. M. Adib Sinto B.
19. Asri Oktavioni
20. Raditya Andrean
21. Nugraha Suryakomara
22. Octria Adi Prasojo
23. Adhi Wibowo Prakoso
24. Mayta Kamila
25. Marisa Jasmine
26. Yuanita Ayuning Rahayy
27. Oddy Adnan
28. Fidiyanti Febrina
29. Michael Jeffry
30. Agung Donurizki
31. Ageng Warasta
32. Okky Warman
33. Rizky Kurniawan Wardhana
34. Yulia Nur Annisa Nugroho
35. Larry Juliondri Ardi

Congratulations! You may join our next step of selection which is oral session.

The oral session will be held on Thursday 7pm in front of basic chemistry laboratory. Please bring your printed cv and two previous tasks. Put it on a blue map.

Please wear a proper outfit such as, but not limited to, collared shirt, long unripped trousers and shoes.

Also, please be ready to give some sort of oral discussion about “Is there any possibilities for our country to join OPEC for its second time?”

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