Guest Lecture: Month after Graduation and Career Branding in Energy Industry

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“Career branding is important, since the energy industry is generally impassionate during this difficult situation.” That was the thing highlighted from the lecture given by Mohd Anas Asalem. The lecture conducted on Sunday, February 19th in Hilmi Panigoro Room, Department of Geology Building. Mohd Anas Asalem or Anas is a Growth and Partnership Specialist at nrgEdge, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is an experienced and generous graduates who had become the former President of Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) of University of Technology Malaysia and also he ever became the trainee of Schlumberger’s vacation training as the Reservoir Engineer. Moreover, he shared a bunch of his activities and many tips about his college life.

As a college student, it was a very precious era for student to develop their soft skills due to enhance the hard skill. College student should be actively looking for many opportunities to explore their talents that is hidden or may be to initiate it. But in certain condition, such opportunities is relatively hard to find and we are lack of time to accomplish it in order to prioritize our academic needs. Being a college student actually is not only pushing our self for the academic purposes, but also for developing the creative thinking skill, time management and public speaking skill. But how we manage our self to enrich the non-academic requisite? Here’s some tips from Anas for the college’s life. In order to expand our networking, we have to be involved in many related activities we prefer. One of them is by joining many event as possible either in our specific field of study or unrelated to our major. By joining many activities, it would increase self-awareness and communication skill that is truly needed in the work site. Anas said that when he was a college student, he always seek for the conference information or became the volunteer in any events. He informed that getting involved in such activities could trigger us to be more confident and trained because we must be professional when occupying specific jobs. He implied that although it was only a volunteer in an enormous event such as IPA, GTO or OGA but we have to act professionally towards the researches, managers, and expertise in such big company or industry. Besides joining many events, we have to be aware to the development in our field of study. As we know that the global growth is increasing quickly every time. So better to keep update our self with the progress in such industry. Many ways could be done lead to renewing our knowledge. Some of them is attending as many conference as possible while we are in college or if we don’t have the opportunity for it, we could explore the world’s development more by reading many articles, news, papers or scientific journals and write our thoughts about the growth itself. This way is extremely help us to be more conscious and smarter because it forced us to always look forward about the updates. Furthermore, one thing that we should considered more is about the personal branding.

Personal branding is something that could possibly create in any platform in order to give the general overview about our self. It could be who we are, what we do, what have we done and what makes you more engaging for specific purposes. Common media used by people nowadays to brand themselves is their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. People generally always post something in their social media to introduce themselves to the world. But sometimes they didn’t notice that what they shared will actually shape the whole picture about them. A post containing their travelling’s journey will tell people that they are a traveler or an adventurer. But this things won’t work out to impress the HRD when they are enroll for a job. So how we could possibly shape our self for such kind of condition? One of the common solution is to always bring out something that distinguish you from other. Either to travel more or to post another things that aren’t about our self, we could start to advantages other platform to introduce our self to the world.

One of the most adorable platform that help us to be more engaging is nrgEdge. NrgEdge is an online platform for networking in energy, oil and gas industry to let expertise, students, professionals who aiming to involve on it. Its main vision is to improve the interpersonal and industry skill for those who fascinated in the industry. NrgEdge strives those to be astonishing in every step they take in order to be part of the industry. It offers many advantages such as Networking which help the member to get the opportunity working in particular industry from its capability, Industry Relevant News that allow us to keep updated about the on progress work and recognition of our progress, Energy Projects which gathered many information about companies achievement and something we can learnt from and also Career Passport. The most enchanting part of it is the Career Passport in which we can generate our outstanding resume about our self and exhibit our professionalism for job applying purposes. NrdEgde also provides Job Opprtunities, a portal which let anyone to be informative about specific job occasion in the energy, oil and gas industry.

Afterwards, in the last minute of the lecture, Anas introduce the participants about the advanced technology used in the industry nowadays. He brings a VR that is recently very useful in the industry. It helps the geologist to explore more about the purposes site for the researches purpose. The VR assists the geoscientist to understand their worksite easier by showing the whole image about the site without directly observe it. Furthermore, the use of advanced technology is efficiently helpful the work progress in the exploration and monitoring stage.

The lecture ended with many questions asked by the participants that showing it fullest enthusiastic about the content. Lastly, Anas said that he really hope the chic of the participants is not only in this lecture but also for the seeking and exploring more about the following updates in the energy industry. This lecture continued with a photo session with all participants and the lecturer.

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