AAPG SC ITB Executive Committees proudly announce the list of candidates who can go to the next step.

They are :

1 Nadya Oetary
2 Extivonus Kiki F
3 Bintang Alfan Nur Rachman
4 R. M. Agung Triadi
5 Cynditami Rachmawati
6 Elisha Lazaria
7 Syahril Hidayat
8 Indah Anandia
9 Mateus Naibaho
10 Deniswara N.F
11 Lika Olitya
12 Rosa Fitris S.
13 Yunita Cahyani R
14 Ratika benita
15 Bevin Philip
16 Titis Wibowo
17 Devine Kurnia
18 Wahyu Rizki Azmi
19 Reza Riezqi Ramadhan
20 Syafiq Abdullah
21 M. Hanif
22 Agnes Rura Pakambanan
23 Budi Hardianto
24 Ikbal Alamsyah
25 Gilrandy Respati
26 Ahmad Kamal Mubarok
27 M. Fathin fauzan
28 Mario Chrisna
29 Safira Tyas
30 Yoshefino Frederick
31 Revaz Mahandika Jagatlaga
32 Arif Fadli
33 Ismi Ongga Rahmat
34 Veto Anggipriyugo
35 Fataa Naufal
36 Reyhan W S
37 Christian Perangin Angin
38 Kurnia Ferdiansyah
39 Rizky A D W
40 Ahmad Khoirul Basar
41 Faridz Nizar

After successfully accomplishing the first assignment, All the candidates above should make their next assignments. Those are :
1. “What is your motivation & your expectation in joining AAPG SC ITB?”
2. Summarize about “Turning Up Your Engine to Survive Robust Global Talent Market” seminar, therefore it’s an OBLIGATION for all the candidates to come.
3. Make your own CV with the format attached.

The requirements for the 1st and 2nd assignment are :

  • Using English
  • Maximum Words : 600
  • 1,5 Line Spacing
  • Justify
  • Font : Arial, size 12, black
  • Margin: Top, left, = 3 cm ; Right Bottom = 2 cm
  • Every page, AAPG SC ITB Logo is watermarked behind the text
  • Using Header : “Recruitment Process New Member 2014 AAPG SC ITB”, font size 10, Color : Blue (Standard Color), Arial, Align Text Left
  • The first line of each paragraph must be intended by 1.5 cm, and breaks one space for every new paragraph.

For the 3rd assignment about CV, here the format attached below (use your formal photo!).


•Send it to :
-File Name Format
Motivation Essay File Name Format : ME_Full Name (.doc extension)
Summary File Name Format : S_Full Name (.doc extension)
CV File Name Format : CV_Full Name (.pdf extension)
•Attached all the files together as WinRAR file (.rar extension)

Rar File Name : (Full Name)_(NIM)_AAPG Second Assignment

•E-mail Subject Format :

(Full Name)_(NIM)_AAPG Second Assignment


DEADLINE :  February 1st, 2014, 11.59 AM

For further information or any questions please contact : Hario Purbaseno (+628996021791)

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