AAPG SC of ITB Division Placement

 Oprec 2015 AAPG SC ITB

So, it’s time for you guys to choose your division for one year ahead. Please make sure that the division you choose is the best division to help you develop yourself. We provide you a little insight about the division you can join in AAPG SC of ITB.

division placement


1. Human Resources Department.

This is the place where you can deliver and realize your ideas to boost every member’s skills. You’ll learn how to manage, maintain and develop the organization.

2. Education Department

This department will ensure member’s knowledge development about geology, especially petroleum geosciences.

3. Paper Department

This department will be in charge of encouraging and facilitating the members to read and make a paper.

4. Public Realtion Department

This department will be the representative of AAPG SC of ITB to external parties by bringing integrated communication and public exposure.

5. Field Trip Department

This department will arrange fieldtrip and office trip for AAPG SC of ITB.

6. Media and Communication Department

This department will manage all medias in AAPG S of ITB and connect it to people around the world.

7. Alumni Department

This department will maintain the relation between active members and alumnus. It will keep the harmony between both parties.


Your division placement would be considered by your motivation and your goal on entering those division. So, best of luck! (Note : Please understand that every division has their own quota. So,you may not entering the division you choose.)



Deadline :Thursday, February 19, 2015


“Don’t cheat the world of your contribution, Give it what you’ve got”
-Steven pressfield-

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