AAPG SC ITB Gathering Days 2015

 Event Report

On February, 28th – March, 1st 2015, AAPG SC ITB conducted a “malam keakraban”, or often known as “makrab”, in Vila Istana Bunga, Lembang. The head project of this “makrab” was Febri Adriandi (12013068). “Makrab” is an activity where all the members of an organization stay overnight together, doing various activities such as sharing many things, playing games, watching movies and so on. All of the activities has only one purpose : to strengthen the sense of community among others. And so in this agenda, even though not all of the members of AAPG SC ITB could come, we still had a great experience in this “makrab”.

aapg sc itb gathering days

The first agenda of the “makrab” was a seminar about “How to build your CV and sell yourself professionally”, unfortunately, this agenda had to be canceled because of some reasones. But ‘the show must go on’, right? So the committee decided to move on to the next agenda, which was sharing from the previous presidents of AAPG SC ITB (Yoseph Datu and Dewawisesa). But before that, we had a dinner together in the main room of the vila. The agenda ‘sharing from the previous presidents’ was moderated by Anandya Saraswati (12013054) and began on 7.00 pm. It was last for about 2 hours. We talked about many things during that agenda, starting from what AAPG really means for the previous presidents, interesting experiences experienced by the two previous presidents while they are still served as the leader, advices given to the active president until some of the key agendas in AAPG SC ITB, such as Delta Mahakam field trip.

One of the advices given by Datu and Esa to us was : try to socialize and communicate more to other AAPG SC in Indonesia, because basically we can not stand alone, we can not admit that we are the best AAPG SC in Indonesia unless we dare to learn from anyone, any people, no matter how bad they are in our judgement. After that, the agenda was a free activity, and mainly, all of the members was divided into two swarms, the first swarm was on the second floor, formed a circle and sharing horror stories to one another. Meanwhile, another swarm was on the first floor, watching horror movie (not really different, right?).

On the next morning, we had a breakfast together and gathered on the backyard for playing some games designed by the committee. Then, we gathered in front of the vila to took a picture together before we went home.


Written by Muhammad Ghazali

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