AAPG Bulletin: January 2014 Issue is Out!


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AAPG Bulletin: January 2014 Issue is now ready to be explored by some passionate soon-to-be petroleum geologists! In this issue, you will read:

Reconstruction of three-dimensional eolian dune architecture from one-dimensional core data through adoption of analog data from outcrop

Hollie G. Romain, Nigel P. Mountney

A sequence-stratigraphic framework for the Upper Devonian Woodford Shale, Permian Basin, west Texas

Nikki T. Hemmesch, Nicholas B. Harris, Cheryl A. Mnich, David Selby

Electrical and flow properties of highly heterogeneous carbonate rocks

Charlotte Garing, Linda Luquot, Philippe A. Pezard, Philippe Gouze

Quantifying Cretaceous–Cenozoic exhumation in the Otway Basin, southeastern Australia, using sonic transit time data: Implications for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon prospectivity

David R. Tassone, Simon P. Holford, Ian R. Duddy, Paul F. Green, Richard R. Hillis

Acoustic nonlinear full-waveform inversion on an outcrop-based detailed geological and petrophysical model (Book Cliffs, Utah)

Daria Tetyukhina, Stefan M. Luthi, Dries Gisolf

Salt structures and hydrocarbon accumulations in the Tarim Basin, northwest China

Yixin Yu, Liangjie Tang, Wenjing Yang, Taizhu Huang, Nansheng Qiu, Weiguo Li . . So, what are you waiting for? Better check out your e-mail inbox immediately, read it online, take note of  interesting things, and we’ll discuss it later in our routine Bulletine Discussion. p.s. online reading is available for AAPG members only

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