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First Assignments (CV + Motivation Letter)

2 Open Recruitment AAPG SC - ITB 2016
Open recruitment for new member of AAPG SC ITB 2016 officially open in 18 January 2016. We launch our official poster of new member recruitment which contains the main requirement, details about first assignments and where the introduction will be held.


The Introduction

The Introduction
The Introduction of “AAPG SC ITB” by our president Irham Ilmanel Abdinni 12013029 and vice president Joshua Christian 12013076. Irham talks about what is AAPG in general, and what is AAPG SC ITB including his vision and missions of AAPG SC ITB 2016, main programs, and structural executive committees. While Joshua talks about the details of first assignments and recruitment processes.

Second Assignments (Infographic + Resume)

2nd Assignments
The participants of our new member recruitment who passed the first assignments have been given its next job,that is second assignments. They were told to make an infographic with its resume from one of the following topics: Stages of petroleum exploration, Role of the geoscientist in oil and gas industry, or Petroleum system.

Based on our assessment, the best infographic goes to Theresia Maria Citraningtyas it has great quality both in content and design. While the most favorite infographic goes to Bagus Dwi Kurniawan with total likes of 406. You can check the poster at Instagram #AAPGSCITB


The Interview (3rd Assignment)

This interview talks about what they wrote in their CV, motivation letter, infographic, and other things related to their personalities and AAPG SC ITB. There is also a study case.


The Calculation

Finally, we have come to an end of our new member recruitment batch 2016. After several calculation based on First Assignments (CV – Motivation Letter), Second Assignments (Infographic and its Resume), and Third Assignment (Interview Section), we select only 21 of them.
Here we come! From 38 students major in the geosciences. Here are the students who passed the Recruitment Processes until the last part. Check your name below:



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