1st Weekly Meeting Report (12/2/2015)

 Event Report, Weekly Meeting

Weekly meeting is a routine agenda where all of the members of AAPG SC ITB gather to discuss about the membership and all of the projects that will be held in the next few weeks. But there is something different about the weekly meeting which held few days ago on Thursday, February 12th, 2015. What is that? It is because…. We had the new members of AAPG SC ITB Batch 2015!! Hellloooo!! Welcome guuuuys! We are very happy to have you all here as the new members. Can’t wait for your bright ideas and burning spirits!


AAPG first weekly meetingIn this weekly meeting, all of the new members of AAPG SC ITB was given an explanation in the form of presentation from all of the executive commitees about the structural organization and the job descriptions of the entire divisions. Our active President, Muhammad Fathin Fauzan also gave a short welcoming speech at the beginning of the meeting. This meeting was moderated by Veto Anggipriyugo and was held in Hilmi Panigoro room, Department of Geological Engineering, ITB.

Before all of the executive commitees presented and promoted each of their division, everyone had to introduce him/herself. It is very nice because for the first time, AAPG SC ITB has the new members from the department outside geological engineering : earth physics. We hope with this simple activity, we can get to know further about each of our members, as one of the missions brought by our President : to keep and increase the value of fraternity inside the organization.

At the end of the meeting, we selected 4 volunteers from the new members who will be the head of the 3 projects which be held on the next 2 weeks, they are :

  1. Fachreza Noor Radhityatama (12013047) as the head of the ‘lecture’ project
  2. Febri Adriandi (12013068) as the head of the ‘makrab’ project
  3. Vania Rebecca Wyanet Clara (12013039) and Muhammad Faishal Rachman (12013072) as the head of the ‘uniform’ project


Congratulation for all of the selected head project, don’t be afraid to try new innovation and express your ideas, may success be with all of you! And for the rest of the new members, we will wait for your contribution to make AAPG SC ITB even better!


“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”

-Vince Lombardi-

Written by M Ghazali Putra

Geological Engineering ITB 2013

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